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" Evelyn and I worked on a project for a local credit union where she voiced the script. The process of working with Evelyn was fuss-free and simple. Her performance was solid and her vocal ability is quality. When working with Voice Actors, you want someone who can work with you and I can say she is a great partner on our last project."


– A. Thaddeus, client

(ee-VOH-chay) from the Italian evocare (evoke), vocce (voice)


From commercials, promo videos and virtual tours to much longer projects, I'll deliver a great performance and product, and be a reliable partner focused on the success of your project.

Whether it's your first book or fiftieth. I will bring all I know about performing and storytelling to create a seamless experience for your listeners.


Listening to drama is back, and a terrific genre in which to work. If you're developing a project, let's talk!

Featured Projects

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"Soldiers in Song" Promo Video

"Bewitched" Promo video

Corsica Hills Virtual Tour

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"American Werewolf in America" audiodrama
On and Off Play Series (@33:10

Redux of the 1940s Radio Comedy

You can trust Evelyn to tell your story and honor the ethos behind the words each time. Evelyn is creative, meticulous and devoted to her craft.

Yasmine Bruce, colleague

Evelyn is a highly skilled and sensitive Voice Actor capable of great versatility.

Amarita Fenn, coach

Evelyn is a wonderfully versatile talent. Her performance background in theatre gives her a unique ability to tell stories and effectively communicate in a variety of ways. I'd highly recommend her for your next voiceover project.

Stephen Aber, client

It’s rare that you come across a standout talent like Evelyn.

Evelyn is a constant professional who focuses not only on building her own skills, but helping her colleagues grow their skills too.

Corey Rimes, coach

She is a consummate professional who is dedicated to her craft and possesses a wonderful gift for storytelling, and is one of the easiest people to work with.

Domingo Castillo,
client and coach

Our video production company has used Evelyn for multiple voiceover projects and also for pre-show announcements for theatre productions. She is a tip-top professional, recording in her own studio, and always delivers great work in a prompt manner.

Nancy Rich, client