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The Full Story on Revisions

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As much as I'd like to believe otherwise, the reality is, changes happen in all types of voiceover, audiobooks,  and narrations. Here's what happens when they do:


Retakes (my mistakes) are included at no cost.
Revisions (changes made to the script after recording):

  • Minor Revisions (one or two words): no charge

  • Major Revisions (more than two words/less than 10% of the script): $50 minimum
, up to 10% of the original budget.

  • Re-Reads (tone, pacing, etc.) => 10% will be billed at 10% of the original script. Re-reads => 30% of the original script: Original rate
 (This assumes direction has not been given until this point, and essentially constitutes a new recording.)

Performance Retakes (undirected sessions):
For undirected sessions (where I am recording the files in my studio at my own direction and sending them to you), if you need me to re-do lines for performance reasons, I’m happy to do one-two rounds of Performance Retakes at no cost. Please try to communicate any and all direction and/or change of direction at this time. After the first 2 rounds of retakes, subsequent rounds are charged as Revisions, above.

If retakes are required for pronunciation preferences that are not specified, either by a pronunciation guide or otherwise in writing, these will be treated as Revisions and are billable. Examples: “ee-ther” vs. “eye-ther,”  “off-ten” vs. “off-en,” “oh” vs. “zero.”

When sending a change request, please highlight the lines in the original script or list the full sentence to be re-recorded, the sentence before, and the sentence after so I know where to find the change. If applicable, please include the time index of the video so I can better match tone and pace.

Please submit all change requests within 30 days of receiving the original recording. After 30 days, any and all change requests will be charged the original rates.

New and international clients are billed upfront unless otherwise agreed upon.

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