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I love working in my booth as a voiceover artist and narrator. But editing audio files is also something in which I take great pride - for my own work, as well as that of other voice over talent.

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Pristine Audio

For most VO talent, editing is where some of our skill and a lot of our time is spent. Providing clients with well-edited clean audio files is always what's required - and sometimes, we all need a little help. I've developed a trusted process that allows me to edit breaths and other extraneous sounds, and I take the time to meticulously work within audio files to produce the best effect, whether it be for dramatic purposes or for clarity.

As an editor, I work to provide my own clients with the best audio possible, and offer this service to other VO talent as well. I start with client-provided raw, unedited files, and using techniques in Adobe Audition, produce pristine, production-ready files that can be sent on to clients and publishers - everything from short form narration to full scale audiobooks.

Contact me for an initial consultation, schedule estimate and other details. 

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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