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Evelyn McCauley of eVocce

Kindle an idea, capture an emotion...

"You can trust Evelyn to tell your story and honor the ethos behind the words each time. Evelyn is creative, meticulous and devoted to her craft."

– Yasmin Bruce

I am a performer.


From children’s theatre and attending a performing arts high school, to studying voice and acting most of my life, I have
a decades-long foundation in how to connect to an audience. Every voiceover project represents
an opportunity to tell a story, express an idea, or evoke an emotion, whether for an audiobook or a training module. I carry the hallmarks of true artistry and an ability to inhabit a character, with a voice ranging from “champagne to whiskey.” I will bring your words and characters to life. 

Evelyn's portraits by Mick Schulte Photography taken at Wye Hill Kitchen & Brewing, 201 S Boylan Ave, Raleigh, NC

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